Why Flint & Granich?

Personal Touch.  It's that simple, and it's a principle we believe in at Flint & Granich.  We recently saw a law firm advertising that they had 17,000 cases.  Based on the number of attorneys in that firm, the attorney-to-client ratio was nearly 500 to 1!  At Flint & Granich we are two attorneys with one commitment...YOU.  We copy our clients on all papers in connection with their lawsuit.  Attorneys Chris Flint and Joseph A. Granich are always available and responsive, personally answering your questions and concerns, and, if necessary, trying your case, giving it the individual attention it deserves.  We limit our representation to serious personal injury cases only. In doing so, we provide that simplest, most important and most elusive service that a lawyer can provide: someone you can actually reach and talk to when you need advice during a crisis.    

Strength in speed. Our selectiveness in accepting representation and commitment to a relatively small client base translates into an ability to move our clients' cases forward as rapidly as possible. When you are facing the most crucial period of your life, you should not be wasting your energy trying to motivate your lawyer to move. At Flint & Granich, we are committed to the principle that justice be sure and swift. Call us toll-free at 1-518-458-1220, and permit us to show you how fast we will move for you.