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Albany NY Attorneys at Law Right Lawyers sue to overturn Phoenix’s new disability laws

Lawyers sue to overturn Phoenix’s new disability laws

A group of Phoenix attorneys is filing a federal lawsuit on Thursday to overturn a law that gives them broad authority to represent people with disabilities.

The lawsuit filed by Phoenix-based Disability Rights Arizona says the law violates the U.S. Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause.

The suit also says the proposed law violates several state constitutions and the U,S.

Supreme Court.

The group is also challenging a portion of the law that requires people with a disability to get a court order before getting help with their disabilities.

It also says it would impose new costs on people who could not afford the legal fees.

The new law, which went into effect in February, requires people to get an order from a doctor and to provide information about the disability they are having.

The state says it’s not required to provide that information, but it has to.

The law has been a source of criticism from advocates of the people with disability rights movement.

The law is designed to ease barriers faced by people with physical or cognitive disabilities, such as those who cannot walk or use a wheelchair, or those who are too frail to walk.

The Arizona Department of Health says the requirement is not discriminatory.


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