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Albany NY Attorneys at Law Team The lawyers who specialize in helping workers sue employers over wrongful termination

The lawyers who specialize in helping workers sue employers over wrongful termination


It is illegal to fire an employee without cause or reasonable cause, even if that employee is terminated because of a disability.


The right to an effective remedy must be available to everyone regardless of the ability of the employer to prove the cause.


The employer must provide a reasonable opportunity for an employee to make a complaint, and the employer must respond to the complaint within 90 days.


If an employer is found liable for wrongful termination, the employer’s right to sue must be preserved.


An employee may sue the employer in a state or federal court for damages that exceed the value of the benefit that was unlawfully taken from him or her.


The employee may not be able to obtain damages for the benefit taken from them without an order from the court, and an order must be made within 10 days of receiving the notice from the employer.


Employees can also sue employers for the value and benefit of the benefits they received from the same employer in the absence of a finding of liability.


Employers can be held liable for damages for injuries that occur while working in their workplace and the value they receive as a result of injuries sustained while doing so. 9.

An employer must give a reasonable time for an injured employee to submit a claim for damages and for an employer to respond to a claim.


The court must allow employees to sue employers on the basis of their disability.


An injured employee cannot be sued if he or she is unable to afford to sue the person who injured him or herself.


The law requires that all workers in the same position, regardless of ability to pay, be protected by the same protections.


The minimum wage is a right, and employers cannot discriminate against workers on the wage.


An aggrieved worker who filed a claim against an employer can appeal the employer for compensatory and punitive damages.


An individual worker who works in the field, as opposed to an employee who works as a contractor, can sue a company for wrongful dismissal.


An entity is not a class or a group of people, but rather a group or a community of individuals.


An independent contractor who works for an organization, such as a labor organization, can file a claim of wrongful termination.


An organization that is a public entity or a private entity can sue an individual employee who is an employee of that organization.


A private entity, such a business or a non-profit organization, is not considered a public or private entity by the federal government.


An employment agency, such an employment-related company, is a private agency that is not required to provide health care coverage, including disability, insurance or retirement benefits.


An agency cannot be a private or public entity for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


An education or training agency, including a college or university, can also be a public agency.


An agent is an independent contractor, a contract employee, a contractor and a nonemployee.


An information technology employee who performs tasks for a contractor or a business can be an employee.


An electrician is an employment agency.


An air conditioner is an employer and a subcontractor.


An electronic mail service is an individual who performs task for a subcontract or a contractor.


An auditor is an agent, contractor, subcontractor or employee of a government or public agency or entity.


An accountant is an agency that performs work for a government entity or an entity for which fees are charged.


An insurance company is a corporation or an organization that performs services for a governmental entity or entity for whom fees are collected.


An ambulance service is a vehicle used by an ambulance service to transport injured or sick people to a hospital or place of medical care.


An aircraft is an entity that performs emergency transportation, including, but not limited to, an airplane, helicopter, helicopter service or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).


An electrical service provider is an operator, engineer, operator or other person who provides services in connection with the operation of electrical equipment or the provision of electrical services to an electrical system.


An industrial laundry is an establishment that employs a majority of the workers and the average wage paid to the workers, regardless the age of the employees.


An educational institution is an educational institution that receives government funds and/or the government provides funding or support to an educational organization, including an academic institution.


An entertainment venue is a place where patrons enjoy live entertainment and a performance, and includes, but is not limited, restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters, amusement parks, convention centers, amusement arcades, bowling alleys, amusement park rides, arenas, stadiums, and other similar venues.


An attorney is an attorney and the employee who represents him or himself, or another person who is not an attorney, is an authorized employee of


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