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How to tell if you’re in a job-protected workplace

More than 3 million workers in Australia are currently at risk of losing their job in the coming weeks or months, with many more at risk due to an industrial action that began on October 8.

The strike, called by the AFL Players’ Union, is the latest in a string of strikes, including last year’s strike in the UK and the current industrial action in the US.

This week’s strike was called by more than 3,000 AFLPA members, who were demanding an end to the lockout laws and a reduction in the amount of money players are required to make to be eligible for their jobs.

The AFL has said it is unable to comment on the status of the strike at this time.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU) and the Australian Construction and Forestry Union (ACTFU) are also on strike, as are the Australian Food and Allied Workers Union and the Construction, Forestry and Mining Union of Australia (CFMEU).

The AFL, along with several other unions, is working with the AFLPA, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the AFL to reach a deal to reduce the wage bill for all workers.

The proposed deal is expected to be reached in the next few days, with the ACTFU and AMWU expected to join in if they agree to it.

The strike comes on the heels of the AFL’s announcement that it was looking to cut up to $50 million from its pay packet.

The union and the government have both suggested that the AFL and its players’ association would be able to agree on an acceptable deal, but the union and AFLPA have both argued that any agreement would need to be a “fair and equitable” one.

AFL chief executive Andrew Demetriou said on Tuesday that the current collective bargaining agreement between the two parties is not “effective, fair and reasonable” and that the players’ movement has a right to strike.

He also said the AFL had to make sure that there was a fair deal for the players and their families.

“We’ve been trying to get a fair and equitable deal, and we’ve been in negotiations for five years,” Demetrieou said.

The AFLPA said it was willing to negotiate with the union but that the issue needed to be resolved through negotiation.””

It’s a time of uncertainty, of uncertainty and we want to get on with our work.”

The AFLPA said it was willing to negotiate with the union but that the issue needed to be resolved through negotiation.

“It is important that this work is undertaken in a fair, fair, equitable manner that is acceptable to both sides, and that both sides can work collaboratively,” the union said in a statement.

“The AFL is committed to working with all unions, including the AFL, to achieve a fair collective bargaining arrangement.”

The union has also proposed a number of other proposals that would allow for the AFLTU to strike if it deems it necessary.

There would also be a reduction to the $2.5 million the AFL would receive from the collective bargaining process, the union has said.

The deal is likely to include a reduction of the number of players eligible for a pay packet from 15 to 10 per cent of their salary, which would reduce the number eligible for the new $1 million salary cap, which has been introduced in the wake of the 2016 strike.

But the AFL says the new salary cap will not be fully implemented until the end of 2019, with players currently earning more than $2 million.

The lockout laws have been in place for a number the years of AFL’s dominance in Australia and the sport’s global presence.

In 2014, AFL players won a landmark case that overturned the laws, which had been in force since 1973.

During that time, the number one-ranked team in the AFLN won the first premiership in history, the first time the league had a team with an AFL team as its head coach.

That led to the introduction of the modern-day salary cap in 2017, which allowed for an increase in salary cap for players who reached the $3 million mark, but it was only for the first two years of the cap.

Since then, the AFL has been hit with a number legal challenges, including one from the AFLW in October.

The National Broadband Network is a major issue in the Australian economy, as is the impact of the government’s internet pricing regime.

It has been widely seen as one of the key issues in the strike, with both parties saying that the NBN is not in the best interest of the Australian community.


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