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Lawyers for a group of users suing Comcast for allegedly throttling their internet connection have filed a lawsuit against the company.

The group, Citizens for Fairness and Justice (CFJ), has also filed a separate lawsuit against Comcast for throttling internet speeds.

CFJ says Comcast allegedly slows down speeds in the case of “unidentified individuals.”

It’s unclear whether or not the throttling was done with the intent of preventing Comcast from providing video services.

In a statement to Ars, Comcast spokesperson Brian Cookson says that the company does not “operate on a practice that could potentially result in a significant reduction in Internet speeds or data caps for any subscriber.”

Comcast says it will vigorously defend itself against the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed in California federal court on Monday, but we don’t know whether the complaint is related to the Comcast case or to a separate class action settlement filed in July.

CFJs lawsuit accuses Comcast of throttling Internet speeds in violation of California’s Open Internet rules, which prohibit ISPs from “prevent[ing] Internet service providers from providing the Internet services they would have otherwise provided if the Internet access services were available to all consumers, regardless of ability to pay.”

Comcast has denied the allegations.

“We have never provided any service that would have been affected by these claims and are committed to ensuring that our network is robust and that our customers are able to enjoy the benefits of our high-speed Internet services,” the company said in a statement.

“This lawsuit is part of our ongoing efforts to protect our network and to provide consumers with the speed and quality of services they have come to expect from Comcast.” ®


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