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Albany NY Attorneys at Law Field ‘Totally crazy’: New trial on Bill C-30’s ‘fake news’ clause in the Anti-terrorism Act

‘Totally crazy’: New trial on Bill C-30’s ‘fake news’ clause in the Anti-terrorism Act

The Federal Court of Appeal has ruled the “fake news” clause of Bill C30 is unconstitutional.

The Bill is aimed at removing the “unfair and misleading” distinction between what’s news and what’s propaganda, which has been used by the Conservatives to limit the ability of news organizations to share their findings.

But lawyers for news organizations argue the clause has been struck down on several grounds, including that it does not meet the constitutional requirement for “fair and balanced” reporting, and that it “exceeds its constitutional powers” to impose new restrictions on the freedom of speech.

Read moreThe High Court has already agreed to hear the case in December.

While the government has said it will not appeal the decision, Justice Richard Roberts, writing for the majority, said the law was still “not without some merit.”

“The government’s use of the false and misleading word ‘fake’ to describe the content of this news-gathering statute, and its attempts to restrict what news organizations can publish and share in Canada, are wholly inconsistent with the intent of Parliament to protect the freedom to report news,” he wrote.

“The Government has no right to use a legal term, ‘fake’, to limit freedom of expression.”

While the court noted the bill has been on the books for over a decade, the ruling is a significant victory for journalists, who have long fought to keep their news sources free of censorship.

In January, the Canadian Press joined other major Canadian newspapers in an online petition calling on the federal government to amend the law.

“We urge the government to remove the vague, vague, and misleading words ‘fake,’ ‘fake, fake’ from this law and to instead protect the free flow of information and the dissemination of news from within our country,” the petition reads.

“We do not need a law that is so vague and vague that it makes it easier for the Government to censor the news we publish and from our sources,” said CTV News’ David Black.

“That is a dangerous approach that risks undermining our freedom of the press.”

“If this court is to have any meaningful role in the future of our democracy, it must first determine if the law should be amended,” said the Canadian Association of Broadcasters.

“Otherwise, we will have no choice but to continue fighting this flawed legislation.”

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