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How to avoid legal troubles from a former parole lawyer

The attorneys who once represented Michael J. Berg before he was released from prison have not been back in his corner since his release, as the state has accused them of illegally seeking to profit off the release.

The attorney, who also is a co-owner of a law firm that represents the inmates, said he has not heard back from the state about a request from his firm to return to his former clients.

Attorney Robert G. Tarrant Jr. of the state Bar of New Jersey declined to comment.

Berg was released in January from a prison in South Carolina after serving more than five years for a string of crimes, including assault, robbery, burglary and carjacking.

In a statement to The Associated Press, Berg said he believes he was wrongly convicted and that he has been in contact with the state to express his concerns.

He said he was “unable to find the resources to file a grievance with the court system,” and he is still seeking justice.

Berrans attorneys did not respond to a request for comment.

The attorneys have not returned phone calls.

New Jersey’s prison system, which has seen its prison population swell to nearly 500,000, is among the most troubled in the nation.

The state is struggling with a $7.4 billion budget deficit and is facing more than 100 lawsuits seeking to overturn convictions.

Some of those cases have been successful.

In the case of Berg, the state’s attorneys filed a petition in U.S. District Court in Trenton seeking to dismiss the charges against Berg.

Berreras attorneys also filed a lawsuit in federal court in New Jersey challenging the state, arguing that the parole board was legally required to give Berg an early release and should have allowed him to plead guilty to lesser charges before sentencing.

Berk’s attorneys say that state attorney general Michael J..

Russo Jr. did not give him an early discharge, a standard the attorney general has defended in court.

In its petition to the district court, the attorneys asked for a temporary restraining order to prevent Russo from interfering with the parole process.

The state has not responded to that request.


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