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Albany NY Attorneys at Law Right When it comes to drug charges, your lawyer may be the only lawyer who can help you avoid prison

When it comes to drug charges, your lawyer may be the only lawyer who can help you avoid prison

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is urging lawyers across the country to help people avoid prison time.

A new report from the NACDL says it will provide resources to people facing felony drug charges to avoid a felony prison sentence.

The organization says it plans to create a tool called “Prisons Not Sentences” that will help people who have been charged with felony drug possession or trafficking.

People can access the tool via an online form, emailing the NADL, or by calling 1-877-273-8255.

“The vast majority of people charged with drug offenses are nonviolent and are ultimately not responsible for the actions of others,” the NACP wrote.

“PrisONS NOT SENTENCES will provide those with felony charges with an information sheet, a list of resources, and a phone number to reach out to for help and support.

The tool will help anyone facing a felony drug charge understand how to best proceed.”

The NACL has been a pioneer in assisting drug users and people with serious mental health issues who have a felony conviction, and is a member of the National Alliance of Drug Treatment Providers (NADPT), which represents providers in state prison facilities.

The NACP has been working on the tool since 2016, and has already helped nearly 3,500 people.


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