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When the Lawyer in Reno was a Dope

Posted September 24, 2018 08:53:47 I’ve been following the case of Johnathan Haggard for some time now.

The 26-year-old was convicted of the 2015 murders of his brother and girlfriend.

Haggards lawyer had argued the young man was mentally ill when he killed them.

The judge said the young offender was ‘unfit’ to be in a position of trust with another person.

But the Crown argued that it wasn’t Haggs responsibility to supervise his brother.

He was only charged because the police found Haggars belongings, including a wallet containing $5,000.

The Crown was adamant that Haggans actions were ‘unlawful’.

The trial had the full force of the law.

The trial judge made it clear that he was ‘not a lawyer’.

The Crown wanted Haggart to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

That’s when lawyers in Re no, Australia, decided to take matters into their own hands.

The first legal act was for lawyers to make a complaint about Hagges behaviour to the police.

The next step was for the young Australian to be charged with the murder of his own brother.

But it wasn´t just the young men.

Lawyers across Australia were doing their bit to bring justice to Haggons victims.

They were also putting pressure on the Crown and police to take the case to court.

And they had the support of many of the victims themselves.

The day Haggses lawyers were about to file their formal complaint with the police, the young Australians brothers phone rang.

It was a young woman.

It´s a phone call that has changed the course of this case.

‘I know what you were going through’, she said, ‘and I want you to know that I support you.’

‘I love you too’, the young woman told Haggings lawyer.

That night, Hagg’s lawyers, the Law Society of Re no and the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse filed their complaint with police.

Their concerns were echoed by many in the community who spoke out.

Police and prosecutors had been caught off guard.

Higgs lawyers had been warned of a serious case of mistaken identity.

But they didn´t take the information too seriously.

Huggs was just a young man, they thought.

He had never even been charged with any offence.

It wasn´ts an offence in Australia, and the police were quick to dismiss the claim.

It would be a waste of time, they said.

‘It wouldn´t have much impact on the outcome of the case,’ one detective told the ABC.

‘We were just trying to get an arrest warrant.’

The police had a point.

Hoggs was arrested a day after the complaint was filed, and taken to a nearby detention centre.

The case was thrown out.

But not before the young lawyers had a brief encounter with the man who would become Hagg.

The young woman, who had not seen her brother in a decade, was at the detention centre because she had been called into work and needed to be with her son.

She saw Haggis car parked in the middle of the road and noticed a red car in the driveway.

‘Who is that?’ she asked.

Haggings lawyer was waiting outside, waiting to speak to the young lawyer.

The lawyer, who did not want to be named, said the woman told him about the car.

He said she was trying to tell him that Huggses was a dangerous offender.

She told the lawyer that the young lady had been taken to the detention center because she was suicidal and wanted to commit suicide.

‘That is absolutely absurd,’ Hagging s said.

Hags lawyer told his client that she was telling the truth, and that she had no reason to be concerned about Hugges behaviour.

‘You’re telling the whole truth,’ Hags said.

But she was concerned about his behaviour.

The police took Hagg to a secure room.

He told them that he had been drinking and had smoked crack cocaine.

But he did not know the full story.

He also said that the woman had told him that her brother had been shot by police.

He did not elaborate.

The woman said she believed Haggish was ‘violent’ and that he would be ‘back in court soon’.

Hagg´s lawyers were told that Hags brother was on medication and was stable, but was not receiving the support he needed.

It had been a tough couple of days for the lawyers, but they still had a good lead.

‘The police were not happy,’ the lawyer said.

He then asked Hagg, ‘Why are you telling me all this?’

‘I just want you all to know this, lawyer,’ the young legal assistant replied.

Hag told his lawyer that he wanted to tell his family, friends and colleagues that Hogg was innocent and had been innocent from the start. ‘He


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