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What to Know About the Ruling That Says Texas Lawyer Who Filed For Divorce Can’t Sue Her Husband

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that a lawyer who filed a divorce claim against her husband can’t sue her.

Lawyers with tattooed faces are among those who say that lawyers are free to practice law, even in Texas, which has a high divorce rate and is one of the most expensive places in the country to file for divorce.

Lawyer Sharon M. Miller, who filed for divorce in August of this year, is represented by Dallas-based Miller Harris Teeter LLP.

Miller was divorced in 2012 and divorced again in 2015.

In the suit, filed in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Miller alleged that her ex-husband, James M. Deutsch, who is now 51, had a “mental illness” that rendered him incapable of paying child support, a claim that is typically difficult to prove.

Deutsche, she said, had been estranged from her for years and he had made it clear he wanted to get a divorce.

He had recently filed a motion to dissolve the marriage, the lawsuit said.

Miller filed her divorce claim in February of this last year, after the Texas Supreme Courts ordered her to get her divorce dismissed.

The court granted her request and ordered her husband to pay child support.

But the divorce was thrown out last month.

The Texas Supreme court has now ruled that lawyers with tattoos and piercings are entitled to divorce, meaning that they are not entitled to file a divorce, according to court records.

Miller’s husband, James Deutsch Sr., told the Austin American-Statesman newspaper that he was not surprised by the ruling, which is based on a 1983 Texas law.

“I think we all knew that a divorce was going to come, and I’ve known for a long time that I’d be divorced,” he said.

“I didn’t know it was going be so soon.”

In the case of lawyers with tattoo tattoos, there is a difference between tattoos and tattoos that look like a piercing.

If you have tattoos that don’t look like piercettes, you are not in the wrong.

That’s not to say that there is no distinction.

But tattoos can be a distraction, according an attorney for the state’s public defender who was not authorized to speak on behalf of Miller’s family.

“The tattoos are not an issue, and the piercing is not an important issue,” said the attorney, who asked that his name not be used.

“We don’t think that is a problem.

The tattoos have no bearing on the question of whether the claim was valid.

The tattoo issue is moot.”

Texas has the second highest divorce rate in the U.S. after Mississippi, according the American Bar Association.

According to the National Center for Divorce Statistics, in 2015, about 12% of divorces in Texas were filed by lawyers with piercements, compared to about 4% in 2015 for lawyers with a tattoo.


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