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NEW YORK — A former assistant U.S. attorney for civil rights is suing the U.N. to block its annual Human Rights Council awards from being sent to her.

U.N.’s Human Rights Committee has given its top awards to China, North Korea and Iran, with the United States receiving one.

It’s the first time the committee has given any awards to a country in its history.

But Elizabeth Gossett, a former assistant to U.L.A. U.A.’s chief human rights lawyer, wants the U,N.

award to go to China.

China is the largest contributor to the Human Rights council, she said.

China and Iran have denied human rights abuses and the council is reviewing its policies and procedures.

The Human Rights committee’s executive director, Navi Pillay, has told the U.,N.

Human Rights Special Rapporteur that it cannot award awards to countries that violate human rights, Pillay said in a statement on Tuesday.


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