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Albany NY Attorneys at Law Company profile When you think about it, this is not a case about whether you can be sued for defamation, it’s about whether lawyers in Florida can be held liable for their clients actions

When you think about it, this is not a case about whether you can be sued for defamation, it’s about whether lawyers in Florida can be held liable for their clients actions

Lawyers in Florida, who were reportedly the first to file a lawsuit against the University of Miami, were reportedly ordered to pay a $2.8 million settlement after a Miami judge found them liable for defamation in the lawsuit filed against them.

According to an article by The Miami Herald, Judge William D. J. Fink in Miami, Florida ruled that the lawyers were “not liable for any defamation” they allegedly committed on behalf of the University.

In the case, a lawsuit was filed against the Miami-Dade College of Law in January 2018 alleging that the University engaged in a pattern and practice of defaming former Miami Hurricanes player Michael Sam, in order to promote the discredited discredited and discredited narrative that the players sexual assault scandal was not a real issue.

The lawsuit alleged that the Miami University did nothing to prevent the sexual assault from occurring, but instead was complicit in its own misconduct.

“The University did not even take the reasonable steps necessary to stop it,” the lawsuit read.

“It took no steps to ensure that its employees or the general public were aware of what occurred at the University and, more importantly, to stop the spread of this false and harmful information about its students.”

“The fact that there was a lawsuit filed at all shows that there is no reasonable way for the University to avoid a wrongful finding in the future,” said attorney David T. Hausman, who is representing the lawyers.

Hausman added that the university’s lawyers had failed to adequately defend the claim, “as well as to adequately present evidence that it has taken reasonable steps to prevent or mitigate any damage.”

The lawyers claim that they were the first legal entity in Florida to file such a lawsuit, and that they have “been trying to hold defendants accountable for the damage they have caused to students and the community for decades.”

The case has since been consolidated with a separate case in another state in which the University has also been found liable for defaming the players.

In that case, attorneys for the College of Design and Architecture filed a lawsuit in August 2018, accusing the University “of engaging in unlawful and discriminatory conduct” when it failed to take “necessary, timely and adequate” steps to stop a student from making a false claim of rape and sexual assault.

The University was also accused of failing to report the rape and assault to law enforcement authorities, a violation of Title IX, which prohibits discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, according to the lawsuit.

According, the suit said the University failed to protect a female student who was assaulted by a male student, despite the fact that she had been a party to the alleged incident, and failed to warn a female senior that she was being investigated for sexual misconduct.

The Miami- Dade College is currently in the process of filing a formal complaint in the case.


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