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Albany NY Attorneys at Law Company profile Who are the Cleveland lawyers who have brain injury cases?

Who are the Cleveland lawyers who have brain injury cases?

The Cleveland attorneys who represent the families of people with brain injury have a different perspective than those representing those who are paralyzed.

The lawyers have filed lawsuits against the city of Cleveland over the years, including a 2014 wrongful death lawsuit that is still pending.

But they also represent families who lost loved ones to a severe head injury.

According to court documents, the Cleveland attorneys have a strong case.

They say that while some of the brain injuries that they’ve seen are life-threatening, many are mild and do not lead to death.

One of the lawyers, Paul Kowalski, is a neurologist and has had several head injuries.

He has spent more than a decade in Cleveland and now has two cases pending.

He was recently diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury.

“I don’t have any symptoms,” Kowalksi said.

“I think people who have been hit by a car and hurt their heads, they probably have mild brain injury.”

Kowalkis wife, Jessica, who is paralyzed, was struck in the head by a vehicle while in her driveway.

She has had five different surgeries and two more are pending.

In all of her surgeries, she has experienced headaches, depression, difficulty sleeping, nightmares and panic attacks.

The family has filed a wrongful death claim against the City of Cleveland for $5.8 million.

The family has argued that the city was negligent in failing to provide proper medical care to Jessica and her son.

Kowalskis lawsuit alleges that the Cleveland police were negligent in their treatment of Jessica and the city’s response.

The city of Brownsville has a policy of not releasing the names of anyone involved in a fatal crash.

A city official told the AP the policy was in place because they were concerned that a public figure could misuse the information and try to make a quick buck by suing a family.

However, a police spokesman said the city did not release the names to Kowalls family because it was a “criminal matter” that was being investigated by the department.

According the lawsuit, police officers from the city sent two officers to the home after hearing someone was having trouble with their stereo and that someone had been throwing rocks.

Kowall’s wife was sitting in the living room when the police officers arrived and the two officers began talking to her, according to the lawsuit.

Kowskis family said that the officers made a comment that the woman had been driving erratically.

The officers told the woman to get out of the vehicle and that she needed to get back into her car, the lawsuit states.

The officer then told the family that the police were looking for a woman who had been involved in an accident that day and had hit her head.

Kowsk’s wife says the officers told her that they had found Jessica in the street and that they were going to take her to a police station for questioning.

Kwalski said the officers asked for Jessica’s license plate number and the woman did not respond.

The lawsuit states that police also asked for her GPS location and she told them that she did not have her license plate.

According Kowaly’s lawsuit, the officers then took Jessica to the city police station.

The police officer told the officers that the family needed to leave the home because they needed to go back to their apartment to pick up her son, who was being treated for an unknown medical condition.

The officers said they were just looking for her son to make sure that he was OK, the complaint states.

According an internal report from the Cleveland Police Department, one of the officers called the family a “suspect” and said that if they were unable to get Jessica to a hospital or police station, they would be arrested.

The officer also asked Kowas to give them her phone number so that they could contact her.

Kawalski says the police officer also told her they would not release her son’s name because the family was afraid that the child could use the name.

The report states that Kowalsh did not give her phone to the officers.

A few days after the incident, Kowally’s son was taken to the Cleveland Clinic.

He had a concussion, a traumatic brain concussion and had two broken ribs, a fractured vertebra and a laceration to his head.

The boy later had to have a metal plate put in his head for a period of time, the report states.

In the lawsuit filed in November, the family says that after the surgery, Kowaksi was put into a medically induced coma for more than two weeks.

When he woke up, his wife and son were gone.

They filed a claim with the Ohio Department of Human Services.

The agency has since confirmed that they did not provide the family with a medical report or other documentation of the incident.

The Cleveland city attorney has not responded to requests for comment.

According a spokeswoman for the city, a city policy is in place that allows a


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