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Albany NY Attorneys at Law Company profile Why you should be concerned about the lawsuit against the ‘unlawfully terminated’ baby mom’s attorneys

Why you should be concerned about the lawsuit against the ‘unlawfully terminated’ baby mom’s attorneys

It’s no secret that baby mom lawyers are notoriously hard to deal with.

In a recent report, Mother Jones said lawyers in such cases are rarely paid well, and that lawyers in the industry are notorious for paying out large amounts of money in settlements. 

Now, one attorney is using that to his advantage. 

Lawyers in the United States are now suing two baby moms for “unlawfulness” in their termination of their babies after they became parents.

The women are seeking to recover thousands of dollars in punitive damages from the two parents. 

The attorneys involved are named as Laura and Jennifer Denton, and are represented by the firm of Denton and Associates, a family law firm in Virginia.

The suit is against two different attorneys, who represent a different client. 

Both the Denton twins are now mothers.

They have two daughters, and one son.

The Denton case is not about their kids; it’s about whether the parents of the twins should have been able to terminate their babies.

The lawsuit claims the Densons had a “contract” to provide their daughter with a life in which they could raise their children and work, but that they broke that contract when they started having second-parent babies. 

Denton says in her suit that the twins “were never a family.” 

“The Denson twins have had an unconscionable, unconscious, and unconscisely unconsciously terminated contract with each other, and they are now being forced to live as a single-parent family,” Denton said in the suit. 

According to the lawsuit, the twins were born with a birth defect, which caused them to have a “substantial risk of premature birth” and severe medical problems. 

They were put on the state’s “in vitro fertilization” waiting list, and the twins’ parents had to have their embryos implanted in their own bodies. 

As soon as they got pregnant, the Dentsons took their daughters to Planned Parenthood for IVF.

The couple had previously had a relationship with an infertility clinic, but it ended after their daughters turned 1. 

“I have spent over a year trying to get pregnant and had a long waiting list,” Dontons attorney wrote in the lawsuit. 

On the day of their wedding, the couple took their youngest daughter, Charlotte, to a clinic for an ultrasound, where she was told that she was at a very high risk of miscarriage, and a “very high” chance of having a baby with Down syndrome. 

But the doctor there didn’t tell them about the risk, and when the twins got pregnant they had to go through a series of ultrasounds and blood tests before they were allowed to get an abortion. 

After getting a vasectomy, the doctors had to give the twins two different birth control methods. 

When Charlotte was two years old, her father, who was also a father, got an abortion and was charged with homicide. 

In 2013, a Florida judge ruled that the parents’ termination of the baby was a “deliberate act of violence.” 

In January of this year, the New York Supreme Court struck down a similar “convenient” procedure that allowed abortionists to terminate babies without their parents’ consent, saying that the law was “unconstitutionally vague.” 

A New York judge is now considering a lawsuit against a group of baby moms in the New Jersey abortion business, for allegedly violating the state law. 

Last month, a New Jersey mother was sentenced to four months in jail after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter for forcing her daughter to give birth at the age of six months. 

This story has been updated to include comment from the Dontones.


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