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How to file a lawsuit in Oklahoma Timeshare Lawsuit

OKLAHOMA CITY — If you or someone you love needs legal help in the state of Oklahoma, you can get it.

A new website, Oklahoma Timesharing Lawsuit, has launched in hopes of raising funds to help those who want to file lawsuits in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Timeshousing law requires every homeowner to have a “legal representative” in Oklahoma to take their case, but the new website has created a “virtual legal aid” that helps people in Oklahoma seek help.

The website was created by attorney Jeff Schaller and attorney David Hough.

Schaller is the attorney for a family of eight who recently filed a lawsuit against the state’s Timeshare and Landlord Associations, saying the groups have discriminated against them.

“I’ve been doing this for the last five years and I’m getting tired of it,” Schallers attorney told the Oklahoma City News.

Schalls family of four recently filed the lawsuit on behalf of a woman who had recently purchased a house on their property and the family was evicted for failing to pay rent.

The family was also evicted after their property value plummeted in the 2000s due to an oil and gas boom.

SchALLER says the families attorneys were unable to get any sort of legal representation from the Timeshare.

He says it was just not worth it to them to fight the Timeshares legal representation.

“The families attorney was very frustrated and said ‘we have no attorney,'” Schallerman said.

“They said they had a real attorney in Oklahoma City and it’s just not going to work.”

Schallers lawyer says he and his clients family would love to file another lawsuit, but they can’t afford to go to court.

“We need a legal representative to help us,” Schollers lawyer said.

Oklahoma Timeshare attorneys are able to help individuals file claims and get a judge to order a hearing.

The attorneys also work with other family members and neighbors to help fight a lawsuit.


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