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Albany NY Attorneys at Law Team Attorney general says ‘nothing could be further from the truth’ about attorney general’s testimony in TallahasSEE divorce

Attorney general says ‘nothing could be further from the truth’ about attorney general’s testimony in TallahasSEE divorce

A top lawyer for Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has denied reports that she made a “stunning” and “egregious” mistake during a divorce hearing on Thursday.

Bondi’s lawyer, Charles H. W. Schulman, said he was disappointed that the media has made an “egregate and uncritical” portrayal of the testimony of Bondi’s husband, former U.S. Rep. Jack Kemp, and his attorney, Charles C. Witzell, who was also in attendance.

Schulman said he would “not allow this to detract from the important work of representing the people of Florida and their families in court and to the families of all of the victims of this horrific crime.”

In a statement, Kemp said he is “saddened by the irresponsible reporting that has been perpetuated.”

He also called for an independent review of the hearing, which lasted more than three hours.

Bondsi testified that she did not make a mistake and that she “didn’t think it was appropriate to have us call in a lawyer and ask a question about my divorce” in the first place.

Watzell told the jury that Bondi had no choice but to answer questions because she was a lawyer, not because she wanted to discuss the facts of the case.

Kemp was the first person to be convicted of the murder of two Tallahasa County police officers during a 1994 ambush in which Kemp shot one of them and wounded the other.

He died in prison in 2000.BONDI: ‘I did everything’Kemp testified that he did everything he could to protect his wife and children from the violence of the attack and that he was in a position to protect her because of her position in Tallahsassee.BISCHKE: ‘We were the most vulnerable people in the house’Bondis statement was a departure from previous accounts, in which she claimed that she was in the middle of a “domestic violence discussion” and that the assault had nothing to do with Kemp’s position.

Bischke testified that his wife, Jessica, had been on the phone with her boyfriend at the time of the shooting and had threatened to leave the house if he didn’t stop calling.

Bisschke told jurors that Kemp said that he had a gun to her head because he thought she was going to kill him.

Bisdell, Witzel, Kemp, Kemp’s wife, and their children were among four people killed in the ambush.

The attack was captured on videotape.

Bizell, the wife of Kemp’s former U.”s.

representative, also testified that when she was with Kemp in his office, he had his hands up in the air as he asked her to stop calling him and that Kemp had no idea what was happening because she wasn’t in the room at the same time.

Bischel, Kemp and Kemp’s ex-wife, Tracey Bisschick, all testified that they believed they were in a “civil discussion” with the family and that they were not threatened by Kemp.

Bismack said in her statement that the incident happened at her husband’s house because “we are all afraid.”

She also said she was at Kemp’s home when he called her and that there was “no reason to be afraid.”

The media has reported that Bischel told a reporter that she had no intention of leaving the house and that Bischick had called Kemp to warn him.

The Associated Press has not independently verified the accounts.

Bischer, who is white, told the AP that she told Kemp that she wasnít leaving because he was going out.

Bitzell said she did have a “verbal argument” with Kemp and that when he told her that he thought he had her “in the crosshairs,” she broke down and cried.

Bisping, Kempís wife, told reporters on Thursday that she and Bischy had discussed the shooting in the coupleís house, and she believed that Kemp was in fact armed with a gun.

She said she believed she was facing imminent death.


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