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How the legal system can help you get a job

The legal system, it seems, is the best way to help people get a good job. 

A new study from the New York University Law School says there’s a clear connection between the legal profession and job prospects. 

“When it comes to the legal field, lawyers are much more likely to get a better job, on average, than other professionals,” said Benjamin Gershman, the study’s lead author.

“We see this as a result of the professional culture of the lawyers.”

That means they are far more likely than other professions to be able to find and hire a job that matches their skills, he said.

“The most obvious reason to hire lawyers is that they have the ability to hire someone,” Mr Gersdman said.

In his research, Mr Gertman compared the career outcomes of lawyers who had worked in public interest law, a job in which they had a say in the process and were also given an opportunity to negotiate a higher salary.

The lawyers were also more likely, he found, to be hired in more high-paying professions.

“Lawyers are a very high-salaried profession, and this means they have a great incentive to work hard and do well,” he said, adding that they were also much more productive than their peers.

“They also have much greater influence in the hiring and firing of lawyers, so they are an effective recruitment tool for many people.”

Mr Gersbman said the legal community should consider “how we can improve the legal workforce in the public interest”.

“This study shows that the profession has a role to play in helping people get jobs in the job market,” he added.

“And it shows that it’s really important that we encourage the profession to develop a more professional culture.”



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