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Albany NY Attorneys at Law Team Which county has the best court lawyers?

Which county has the best court lawyers?

A new state study finds that Cincinnati has the worst attorneys in the nation.

A report by the National Association of County Bar Associations and the American Bar Association found that county judges, lawyers and other attorneys had fewer than 1,000 attorneys.

The association estimates there are about 1,800 judges, 2,000 lawyers and 3,000 prosecutors.

The report comes as Ohio has a new Supreme Court justice, appointed by the state’s Democratic governor, who has said he wants to bring more attorneys to county courts.

The study also looked at judges and attorneys from several other counties.

It found Cincinnati’s judicial system had the highest number of nonlawyers and the lowest number of lawyers who practice in private practice.

Among the findings: 1,000 of the state Supreme Court’s 1,400 judges and lawyers practice in a private practice, and 2,100 of the county’s 4,300 lawyers practice out of a private office.

A majority of the attorneys practicing in private practices are from out of state, but nearly 70 percent are from Ohio.

A quarter of the lawyers practicing in public practices are out of the Ohio system.

The Ohio attorney general, who is running for governor, said in a statement the report was not a surprise.

He said the system of hiring lawyers was “broken.”

“The numbers are not that different than any other state, with one exception,” Attorney General Mike DeWine said.

“Our law enforcement officers, our prosecutors, our judges, and our prosecutors’ assistants are overwhelmingly attorneys from out-of-state, from poor backgrounds, from minority backgrounds, and from all over the country.

They are all Ohio residents.”

A spokesman for the Ohio Attorney General’s office said the office would not comment on the report.


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