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How to get the best divorce lawyer in Fresno

Fresno, California — A Fresno lawyer is suing a former client who accused him of sexually assaulting her in 2005. 

According to court documents, attorney Jason Lippman claims his client, whose name has not been released, accused him, “of touching her buttocks, chest and backside during a sexual encounter at the end of her pregnancy. 

The woman said that after the sexual encounter, Lipps alleged she pushed him away and ran away from him.” 

According a report by Fox News, Lipsman says he was fired from the firm where he works after the allegations were made against him. 

“In a statement to the Fresno Bee, LIPM said, ‘I am extremely disappointed in my conduct and the allegations made against me by my former client,'” the newspaper reported. 

Lippman has not responded to CNNMoney’s request for comment.

Lipps was hired by Lippmans daughter, a lawyer in a Fresno divorce practice, in December 2005.

Lippmons daughter says the allegations are false. 

 “I would like to apologize to the other women in the practice, and to the women who have gone through the years with me,” Lipp said in a statement.

“The allegations against me are false, and the actions that occurred at the time are completely wrong.” 

In February 2018, Lihmans attorney filed an amended complaint, alleging the accuser made up the allegations. 

In a letter to the court, Lipman said he is not surprised that the allegations have not gone away. 

“I have been a partner for a number of years and I have always taken the law seriously and followed the rules,” he wrote. 

He added, “I did not do this intentionally, and I will not do it again.”

Lippmans wife says Lipp’s accusers will not be silenced. 

She also called on Lipp to apologize for what happened to her husband, and also to apologize “to the other victims of sexual assault.”

“This is a horrible tragedy, and we will not let it be used to intimidate others from speaking out,” she said.


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